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Sandra Carlisle

Everyday Penny on Everything Money

Understand your money and master it!


When I was young I was told it wasn’t polite to speak or ask about money. Whether it was what you had or others had; it was just taboo. I accepted this to be true. At age 14, I started my first business; I would clean my neighbors’ homes. The most excruciating part was asking to be paid for my hard work. I wanted to be polite and respectful, yet be paid fairly. Still now I get anxious when bartering, asking for a better price and asking to be paid. It's okay to have fears. It's time to shatter misconceptions and crush your fears with useful knowledge you can use everyday.

At Everyday Penny Productions we aim to bust the secrecy bubble on finances and personal financial management. We offer short, day in life videos. With the right information you'll boost your confidence and gain financial security. Start learning early and you’ll build your options while witnessing your future wealth and legacy grow. It all starts with Counting Your Pennies!

-I believe money is a tool; the money you earn is only valuable inasmuch as it helps    you further your highest goals

-I believe having money expands your options for caring for yourself and others.

-I believe everyone can be financially successful and no one earns wealth on their      own; we're all in this together.

We all have questions, we want to help you find answers at Everyday Penny Academy. Count your Pennies, Save, Spend and Give Well.

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What You'll Find


Informational Videos to Crush your fears and misconceptions on Money, and empower you with knowledge.

We are everyday people living everyday lives; counting our pennies, for future financial security. 

We are Sandy, Jack and Zach

Everyday Penny on Everything Money

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Everyday Penny Academy

At the Everyday Penny Academy you will find our YouTube Channel Links to our latest Videos. Explore, Learn and share with your friends as you build your knowledge and expertise. Our hope is that you notice how money and finances are part of your life everyday. We will post videos with the fundamental money concepts as well as more in depth subjects such as investing, college expense and legacy planning. We are always here to help, just reach out and send us an email.







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