At the Everyday Penny Academy you will find our YouTube Channel Links to our latest Videos. Explore, Learn and share with your friends as you build your knowledge and expertise. Our hope is that you notice how money and finances are part of your life everyday. We will post videos with the fundamental money concepts as well as more in depth subjects such as investing, college expense and legacy planning. We are always here to help, just reach out and send us an email.

We offer specific videos for Scouts to complete the Personal Management Merit Badge, so look out for those videos that are within the Scout Series. Also explore the Scout and Just for Moms pages under this link.  Our site was created during Covid-19 quarantine 2020. We joined forces to create a fun, day in life youtube channel, and social media to introduce and guide you through the multi-faceted world of money and life management. We hope our videos have impact in a fun way, while building your financial vocabulary. A secure financial future and legacy is within everyone's reach with knowledge and planning.

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