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Why is the Personal Management Merit Badge Required for Eagle Rank

This Badge is about mapping a plan for your life that will involve setting short and long range goals. You will investigate different ways to reach those goals. Education, experience and consistent training will get you to the attainment you desire. You get to choose the best path for you. By committing to your plan, while remaining flexible to unforeseen changes creates new unexpected opportunities for SUCCESS!

Personal Management Merit Badge Wooksheet

As a Personal Management Merit Badge Counselor I'm here to help guide you to completion of all requirements. This a required merit badge for Eagle Scout Rank and can be complicated. If you take it one step at a time and understand the importance you will see that finance is part of your everyday life. The sooner you master these skills the sooner you will on your way to a strong successful financial future. On this page you will find a PDF of the Badge worksheets. Download it! Send me an email if you need guidance. 

I'm here for you- Sandra Carlisle ChFC, CAP